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Probably all of us remember that bright and colorful advertisement of Viagra in newspapers and magazines. The times have changed a lot and there are tens and hundreds of other drugs, however people still try to buy Viagra online in a good online pharmacy or store. What makes Viagra so popular even more than 20 years after its release?

Of course, reputation of the preparation means a lot. Viagra was probably the first drug for people suffering from erectile dysfunction that met all the expectations of customers and gave the desired effect. More than that, Viagra used to be and still is safe and natural drug which typically does not cause any serious side effects. Some men mention slight headache and dizziness which are not lasting however. Though if one takes too much Viagra the probability to get terrible headache, upset stomach or allergic reaction (especially on skin) is really high and one should be very careful about that.

Operational principle of Viagra is very simple. The drug relaxes proper muscles and normalizes blood circulation in proper vessels and areas. That is how blood gets to the reproductive organ and healthy and strong erection becomes possible. Typically Viagra starts working 30 minutes after taking and the best results are achieved in one hour. The effect may last differently in accordance with individual features of different people. Generally, Viagra is helpful for 3-7 hours. It is definitely enough for surprising your sexual partner!

If you are looking for cheap Viagra 100 mg you probably should think about purchasing a generic. It is a replacement of the original preparation, approved by Ministry of Health. There is big difference in price between generic and original drug, but they have absolutely the same effectiveness. Do you want to take the drug regularly? Then order generic Viagra and enjoy its effect! Buying a generic drug is the most reasonable solution if you want to take it regularly.

Viagra is used not only by people suffering from impotency. There are lots of men who just want to try it, to compare their feelings and so on. Viagra is a safe product and everybody may use it. One more advantage of Viagra - no prescription is needed because this drug actually has no strict contraindications.

There are lots of situations in our life when taking Viagra is reasonable and even necessary, try it and open a new page in your sexual life!

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